“Jurassic World” by Michael Giacchino, John Williams

We’ve actually arrived in times when sequels and reboots are being made by childhood fans of the original. The Jurassic World teaser poster looks like any fan out there would design it (and even did). But when you think about that, isn’t that great? Doesn’t that mean, that the film will receive as much care and lifeblood as possible? I think that’s the best premise we could wish for.

I decided early on, that my custom covers should reference the iconic design of the first Jurassic Park soundtrack. I even went so far and re-used the same Paint Shop Pro template (had to reinstall it just for this cover series). The only changes were the director’s and composer’s credits, everything else is basically the same. After gathering some of my favourite fan logos I adjusted all other text elements according to the logo. Whether it is floating stone text (#1), stone text with drop shadows (#2, #5), dead flat (#3) or partly eroded text (#4).

I’ve only found two images that made it worth to deviate from my own logo-only design guideline. First a really beautiful concept art by Steven Cormann (#6). I love how he captures the true spirit of Jurassic Park or respectively J-World. The prehistoric predator trapped in this unfamiliar locked up space, only to be gazed upon in wonders through the eyes of an innocent child. It’s really gorgeous and I so hope that the film will be able to transport that kind of atmosphere.

The penultimate one (#7) is based on the very first Jurassic World poster we’ve got during 2014 San Diego Comic Con. It’s such a relieve to see a hand-drawn poster like this one for a major blockbuster for once. Please be sure to visit designer Mark Englert’s website to follow the creation process behind his amazing work.


  1. Anonymous

    I love your work!


    1. Thank you


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