“Star Wars – Target Exclusive Collection” by John Williams

In december 2015 US discount retailer Target sold an exclusive version of John Williams’ The Force Awakens score. And when I was asked to create custom covers in the same style for the rest of the saga, well, I couldn’t say no. But first I had to recreate the Target cover to get rid of that ugly sticker. And also, to prepare myself a universal template that I could use for previous and future episodes.

This request came right in the middle of working on another series, but I figured a little change won’t hurt. It keeps your creative spark on fire. So I was happily changing texts and titles and was already about to upload the covers, when I realised that every cover is meant to feature different characters within the logo. D’oh!

It took me half a day to find appropriate (and large enough) posters which I could use to cut out important characters or scenes. This whole thing was far more demanding than I had thought in the first place. And that’s also the reason why I devoted a separate post to it.


  1. Don’t like this design; its not your fault, you are just following the design brief and limited to what was done with the Force Awakens original, which to me was fairly insipid anyway. Its clearly an attempt to harken back to the Star Wars 1977 original (the white outline lettering over a black background). It’s bold and stark, and adding stars in the background and jazzing it up with the garish colours just destroys it anyway. I much prefer the originals (wasn’t the Empire Strikes Back brilliant with Vader’s helmet symbolising the Empire striking back, that it was the Empire’s movie? So effective, so simple).


    1. I’m fully with you on this. For me TFA’s brand presence was an opportunity missed. The main poster was total mess. Where are the times of Jedi’s minimalistic lightsaber one-sheet. I liked how the soundtrack album paid tribute to the original 1977 score, but the execution felt really sloppy to me.


  2. Joshua Long

    Just FYI, all but one of the links (Revenge of the Sith) are broken. I managed to figure out the actual htmls, but the links on this page don’t work.

    Keep up the great work, though.

    A little off topic, but are you planning any hi-res covers for Final Fantasy now that the sessions leaked? While I enjoy the covers you’ve already posted here for it, they’re only 500×500.


    1. What links? The page loads fine for me and I can open all covers in full resolution.

      Regarding your question. Yes, I do indeed :) You’re gonna love it!


  3. I would like to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story also stylized like this.


  4. It’s OK, but would have looked better and more consistent if you used the Struzan artwork for all the covers.


  5. Zack

    What font did u use for the “Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” text?


    1. It was some form of Helvetica. LT Pro 55 Extended if I remember correctly. It’s the same as it was on the official cover art.


  6. Geoffrey

    I wish these were all at the same resolution…. Is there any fixing that. 1 and 2 are really low as compared.


    1. They are all the same resolution (925 x 925), just click on a cover and then look for the “full size” link at the lower right corner.
      The reason is, as far as I remember, due to the poster source images that were used within the letters. They weren’t available in higher resolution.


      1. Geoffrey

        I am an idiot! I failed to see the download in full resolution in the bottom right corner.

        These are amazing! I adore them, and added them to all of my Star Wars albums. Can’t wait to see your creation for Episode IX and complete the Skywalker Saga with “Rise of Skywalker.”


      2. Don’t worry, you’re not the first I’ve had to explain how to view the covers in full size. I don’t know why WordPress is making it so hard to find that function. Maybe I will contact their support about that.

        Aynhow… glad you’re enjoying them :)


  7. Brandon Hanson

    I love these, since i have a library with all of the unreleased scores, these special album covers are amazing, since its not an official release, and these are sort of homemade, they sort of go hand in hand:)
    Do you plan on doing the final one for The Rise Of Skywalker as well?


    1. Thank you! Yes I will add TROS, and a few other ones, some time in December.


      1. Brandon Hanson

        Awesome, I can’t wait to see them!!!:)


  8. Jordan Lee Burns

    Absolutely can’t wait for your episode IX to complete the set!


  9. Will you be doing a cover in this style for The Rise Of Skywalker?


    1. Yes! Soon :)


  10. Any chance you can make a version of TLJ and eventually ROS with the yellow STAR WARS border and not red and blue?


    1. Well I think it looks a bit awkward, but be my guest :)


  11. Geoffrey

    I can’t wait to complete this collection! It is my favorite design.


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