Dear music labels, please don’t sue me, I’m just sharing the love. I do not mean to offer anything, that could be used for unlawful acts. All I am going for is to provide others with some nice covers for their digital music collection. And I know a bunch of people who purchased your soundtracks only because of my blog posts. Live and let live, right? Thank you!

All the original covers and custom covers on this site are only for private use. They are intended to be used in your own digital music library. I am not responsible for said music library, whether if it’s content was purchased online, in retail, or downloaded. I only offer some alternate album art.

If you want to use these covers with your music library, that was pirated from the web or wherever, it’s in your own responsibility. I can assure you however, none of these covers will make your legally purchased music files illegal. So feel free to use them.

If you plan to print these covers out to use them for your illegally copied soundtracks and offer them for sale, I have to tell you that not only it is a crime, but also that these covers are clearly not made for print jobs. They are all too tiny anyway and will make your copies look like shit.

Almost all of the custom covers offered on this website were created by myself. The ones created by others are clearly tagged.

I usually work with the following applications:

All the source material used for my custom covers is under copyright of the original creator. If I violate the law or make somebody feel uncomfortable please get in touch with me. I will not hesitate to remove the respective covers. All the original covers offered on this site are under copyright of the original creator and/or the company they were designed for.