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“The Green Mile” by Thomas Newman

Next Sunday, when the annual Academy Awards will come to an end for the 89th time, it will also be the 14th time that Thomas Newman hasn’t won an Oscar. He got his first nomination in 1994, so this means in a period of twenty-three years, Newman was nominated on average every one and a half years. And he lost every. single. time. Keep that in mind when you feel sorry for yourself the next time. I wanted to post this set of The Green Mile in honor of a man who has composed some of the most beautiful, emotional and heartfelt…


“Ex Machina” by Ben Salisbury, Geoff Barrow

My clean-cut plan to raise visitor stats from last week’s blog post seemed to work. All facts at hand are providing a strong suspicion that at least one of my two additional visitors was redirected here through those cleverly placed hashtags. To calm the crowd I immediately follow up this week with a not-so-popular soundtrack. In fact, I’m pretty sure that the bulk of film music fans couldn’t care less about an electronic score like Ex Machina. But I do. In my book it’s an absolute benchmark when it comes to audio post-production. Alex Garland’s directorial debut is an amazing, downright incredible visual experience, but combined with the musical score from…


“9” by Deborah Lurie, Danny Elfman

Let’s pretend for a moment that you’re recording a thoughtful and highly entertaining in-depth podcast about the Deborah Lurie/Danny Elfman score 9. How do you make sure people are actually stumbling upon your work? It’s not like Shane Acker’s film was anywhere near the hottest shit coming out in 2009. And popular search results on Google or YouTube may vary wildly depending on your personal browser history. So this may be a very ungrateful soundtrack to tackle. Yet here I am, adding another 9-movie-related website no-one’s ever gonna find beneath the gazillions of dumb mind candy clickbait à la “9 Insane…


“Cloverfield” by Michael Giacchino

There are two kinds of people: Those who leave a movie theater as soon as the credits start rolling and those who hold out until the very end, when the lights finally come back on. If you are part of the second group like me, you probably know of all the rewards you get if only you keep your ass seated as long as possible. Starting from the usual mid- and post-credits scene to animated end credits rolls and occasional outtakes. The most rewarding thing however might be those brief moments of tranquility, when you can just lean back and…


“Tale of Tales” by Alexandre Desplat

Some months ago I’ve published a blog post dedicated to Jeff Cardoni’s Silicon Valley. It was a rather unusual entry to my ever-growing portfolio, because there simply has never been any soundtrack release to use my custom cover with. It was all hypothetical and people kept asking me, why I’ve spent my precious time on a project that obviously served no purpose. Well, guess what… I did it again! The music to Alexandre Desplat’s Il Racconto dei Racconti (Tale of Tales) has never been released commercially. Not even as a bootleg. There’s a badly edited suite available online to give you…