“Stranger Things: Season Two” by Kyle Dixon, Michael Stein, Various Artists

If you’re following my facebook channel you may have already seen a lot of these covers. It was at the end of August when Netflix began to put out weekly Stranger Things tribute posters, each one resembling a famous movie from the past. Back then I was working on a new, massive sci-fi project and I felt a little exhausted designing inserts, back covers and disc labels. Any distraction felt like a welcome change. So I began to turn those posters into square album covers, if only to take a little breath. Though I didn’t realize the new heights this whole affair was about to grow into…

Before going on my replication romp however I started in a fairly unspectacular fashion. The bunch of custom covers above are all regular ones, even though one of them demanded special care…

For cover #2 I carved a square image out of the official promo material (poster and wallpaper) for what felt like an eternity. Honestly, I had literally spent hours on that damn thing and wasn’t even pleased with the results, because the only area to place the logo was over that *stranger thing* in the background. It really bugged me to hide this key image so I made a second version (#3) with smaller labeling and some additional edits. The end result is a pair of allied artworks, similar in design, different in size. It’s yours to choose.

So, now with that taken care of let’s get to the real reason behind this whole collection…

Working on the gallery below felt like a nostalgic journey through pop culture media. It was absolutely delighting to look for apropriate fan art and matching font types to be able to re-create those iconic album covers. For about two or three weeks I really was on cloud no. 9 and  even though some covers didn’t turn out as good as I wanted them to be, I just couldn’t stop making more and more and more. And even more. Every other day I recalled another memorable film from my own childhood and kept adding film after film onto my imaginary to-do-list.

Please enjoy the results of my very own nostalgic trip down memory lane. Though I‘m not planning to rallye down the spoof covers route in the future. There are others out there who plough these fields way more effectively. But for this particular series I was really adamant to push it as far as I possibly could.

But there’s One More Thing…

In case you’re not aware of it, I have also published a huge update to my Stranger Things: Season One collection. So if you’re in for even more tribute fun, please walk this way. Thanks!


  1. We need a set of Blade Runner 2049 covers pronto! Maybe with a set for the original film’s soundtrack too…


    1. I‘m on it already


      1. Great! Looking forward to that!


  2. Block-Busted

    Long time no see! :)


    1. Good to see you too! I’ve been working on a few bigger projects, including Stranger Things. But I want to focus on smaller ones again to increase my post-per-month ratio :)


  3. hello, can you make another Stranger Things 2 cover that involves this poster please? http://strangerthings.wikia.com/wiki/File:ST2-Final_poster.jpg


    1. Sure! I updated the blog post.


      1. Oh my gosh! thank you so much! i love it!


  4. caikelm

    Do you have any pngs of the logos you used? With the shiny effects and all for both seasons? I can’t find them anywhere ;-;


    1. Maybe in my workfiles. Which ones would you like?


      1. Just a png of the standard logo and one of the logo with the “2” in it. Please :v


  5. zaphod2017

    These are absolutely amazing – I bow to your skillz and creativity :)


    1. Thank you, it’s my pleasure


  6. […] while I was searching for images I could use and since he has created so many fantastic covers for Stranger Things 2, I thought I would add one more. It was probably done by a Netflix team, at least it was used to […]


  7. […] of posters under his belt and it was his work for Mute that inspired me to hop the spoof train once again. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know […]


  8. […] Bohemian Rhapsody came to me fairly early, sometime in spring. Especially after all those tribute frenzies of the past and also because I’m a die-hard Queen fan since 1989, when me and my brother […]


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