“Prometheus (Deluxe Edition)” by Marc Streitenfeld, Harry Gregson-Williams

During my massive three-year undertaking for Marc Streitenfeld’s Prometheus I constantly persuaded my dear friend SonicAdventure to bless this score with one of his trademark Deluxe Edition treatments. He’s a freelance audio wizard who’s had mixed and remastered numerous film score recording sessions in the past. And Prometheus seemed to me like the perfect opportunity for us to collaborate again.

One lovely evening I’ve sent him a design sketch for a Deluxe Edition and I guess that finally won him over. He gave in and decided to have a look (or rather, a listen) to the sessions. At the same time I started working on new cover sets because – as if sixty-one custom covers weren’t enough already – it gave me permission to immerse myself one more time into this menacing, gritty and oh-so-beautiful cinematic universe.

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Version 1 (Original Artwork)

As I’ve mentioned in my original post, I have notably darkened the original cover artwork to make it represent Marc Streitenfeld’s dark ambient score a little better. For this latest revision I have yet again turned the screws, this time adding back a slight touch of cyan. I didn’t want this set to make it appear as if your printer has run out of colour ink cartriges.


Version 2 (The Prometheus School of Running Away From Things)

The following two sets are basically completed versions of my earlier introduced jewel case designs. The only notable work went into the placement of the inlay art (#11, #18), to make sure that it perfectly matches the image on the front cover.

Version 3 (USCSS Prometheus)


Version 4 (Small Beginnings)

It was a real joy to work on all of these Deluxe Edition cover sets. I’ve had the luxury to choose from an existing stockpile of already finished front covers and come up with matching cover sets. Quite a dream job for a person like me. For this particular one I imposed myself to adapt the complete score vinyl design into a smaller CD sized artwork.

I left the front cover untouched besides some minor text and font size adjustments. To make the image wrap around to the back of the booklet, I added a new grey sphere on the bottom left and also shuffled up the remaining ones (#22, #23). Those two alien spheres of “Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15” are originally coming from these renders. I had to blow them up a bit in size and tried to cover it up by adding a subtle tilt-shift blur effect. It created the perfect illusion of microscopically small drops of this virulent black goo.

There are also some alternate versions that allow you to decide whether you want to have the Deluxe Edition banner on the front cover (#23) or in the tray area (#25).


Version 5 (Blu-ray Collection)

This is my most favourite Prometheus custom cover, adapted for jewel cases. I have extended the front and even experimented with an entirely different background (#30). You can choose between four different back covers for both the single disc and double disc version of this unofficial Deluxe Edition. The art for the second disc (#39) was probably the most challenging piece of the puzzle. I couldn’t find a useful image to represent the distant moon LV-223, so I altered this wallpaper using various filters and effects to make it match the official film still that was used for the first disc.


Version 6 (The Weyland-Yutani Files)

This was the very last addition to this whole set and it almost didn’t make the cut. I’ve had worked on this collection on and off since last July. And it was just yesterday when I was finally ready to publish it. Yet there was this one last folder sitting in the midst of my source files, housing a bunch of key artworks for an unfinished concept. Unfinished but wholly conceptualized in my head. Knowing well that I eventually had to get this off my chest I took one extra evening and realized the arguably most colourful artwork within this entire collection.


Vinyl Version (Bonus Content)

The final vinyl cover is more like the graphical equivalent of a hidden track at the end of a soundtrack (a thing Sonic likes to do on his Deluxe Editions every now and then).

I was asked to come up with one final front and back art for a real, physical 10-inch vinyl copy of the score. It’s again based on my earlier mentioned design, but stripped-down from four to one single record disc (which wasn’t easy, I tell you). I almost feel a little sorry to have lost those colourful labels from the original back cover, but there was just no way to use them in this version. A strikingly posing Trilobite will have to make up for it and I think he’s doing pretty well.


  1. Block-Busted

    Man, I thought ‘Pacific Rim’ would be the next based on your comment… D:

    Maybe I should wait for another 16 days or so…


    1. Or so…

      Joking aside, don’t expect Pacific Rim in the next couple weeks. Making these covers takes up a lot of time. And I demand a great deal from my own work, that’s why I allow myself as much time as it takes. In the meantime I hope you nevertheless enjoy your stay.


  2. SonicAdventure

    Who are you talking about? Who is this SonicAdventure? Must be a fascinating being if he’s so capable. Which I cannot believe ;)

    Anyway… dear, your covers are beyond awesome. The little details, the perfect execution, the elegance. I’ve said it before and I will repeat it again: there is no equal on this Earth to you. And no equal on LV-426. Or LV-223. No equal. You know… you really are the best.


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