“Stranger Things” by Kyle Dixon, Michael Stein, Various Artists

Netflix’s Stranger Things is without a doubt this summer’s biggest TV sensation. No wonder the clamour for its original score was loud among fans. And the producers did answer in form of a massive 75-tracks-set, divided into two separate albums. Show ’em all you’ve got instead of setting a few specific marks, that probably was the motto behind those two releases. And while I do appreciate complete and expanded scores a lot, I’m a bit overwhelmed by that huge amount of music. But who am I to judge?

I actually started working on this custom covers series before the official announcement of the original soundtrack albums, meaning to provide myself and others with artwork to use with the circulating songs compilation. Also, because I really enjoyed this short-running series and I wanted to express my appreciation. But family affairs, vacation preps and my usual procrastination delayed this entry until now, and my time-consuming custom artwork (#2) ended up looking almost exactly like the original soundtrack (#1).

The main difference might be my omission of the whole numbering thing, because honestly, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. And it’ll only get worse once the second season is coming around and with it a Vol. 3 and maybe even Vol. 4. So, to avoid any further confusion, I completely removed the “Volume” tag from the original artwork and would recommend to tag the two original soundtracks as a double album.

The first two customs (#2, #3) were both composited out of an original poster art and a landscape orientated artwork I’ve found on the Netflix website. It took me quite a lot of effort to end up with a nicely balanced out cover motive. The third custom cover (#4) is the total opposite of that. Meant as a tribute to the minimalistic vinyl artworks of the past, this custom cover relies entirely on the retroesque font design of the show. I used the original font types and let myself inspire by that wonderful, instant classic opening titles:

Previously on Stranger Things…

Last year I’ve created a fairly small and unexciting entry dedicated to the score of Stranger Things. And I was completely oblivious to the Superior Things that would come the year after. For the second season Netflix’s marketing department was firing on all cylinders. They’ve released a whole bunch of tribute posters, each one linking back to an iconic film from the 80’s.

And who would I be had I not used these (and a great deal of additional) posters for my very own purposes.


  1. Icarus

    Wow, I love this!
    I really hate the original artwork even though I love the poster, but it doesn’t fit as an album cover. Nevertheless you transformed it into something perfect, I really love your #2 cover.

    #4 looks really cool as well, even though I don’t know what I’m supposed to see on it. I guess there’s a good vibe from it.
    #5 of course is my fave, it is just incredible.

    Thank you for this wonderful set!


    1. Your comment made me realise that I completeley missed out on the fantastic font design of the show. I updated the post and also explained the idea behind #4. Thanks for visiting, viewing and commenting :)


      1. Icarus

        Excellent! I don’t know much about old vinyls so I’m glad you explained #4, I understand it now haha!
        Plus the video about the title sequence is pretty fascinating.

        My pleasure! :D


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