“Side Effects” by Thomas Newman

There are some directors out there that put special emphasis on design, and especially in this case, font design. Marc Foster for example, whose visual gimmickry made a so-so James Bond film kinda watchable. Or David Fincher, who’s still one of my favourite directors and a sure bet for the most elaborate title sequences in modern cinema. Steven Soderbergh is another director who I consider to be part of that small elitist group. There are some films in his body of work that downright ooze stylistic eye candy (sadly, sometimes over substance).

Side Effects isn’t one of those films though. It’s a deceptive thriller relying heavily on its suspenseful and twisted plot. Soderbergh intentionally kept his direction in the background to let the characters take center stage. A wise decision for a rather complex film as this one.

In terms of design this time the real stroke of genuis came in form of the teaser poster, created by the one and only Neil Kellerhouse. And as with every post that includes his virtuosity, I usually quickly fall into fangirl mode and rave about typography porn. But not this time.

Let me instead apologize for my blatant use of self-promotion on the front cover (#1) and at the same time drag your attention to that nifty use of the two original autographs of Steven Soderbergh (a decent high quality scan) and Thomas Newman (almost impossible to find). I wish the stroke width was bit thinner, but I guess there’s a reason why celebs only sign with magic markers.

If you feel the need to add some medical flavour to your digital music library, this one’s obtainable without a prescription.


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