Lost Covers, Vol. 5

This years entry of our ongoing series “Lost Covers” contains a wide array of different works. Like its predecessors, most covers in here showcase all kinds of failures and *whatcangowrongs* in cover design. But there also are little gemstones like my contract work for Gwenaël Mario Grisi, a rising Belgian composer whose overnight(!) composition Through the Clouds definitely was one of the most beautiful tracks I’ve heard in 2017. Also, Gwenaël has his own IMdb page, so he’s officially my new best friend ;)

The overall amount of commissioned covers is unusually high this time. Not royalty-based though, only voluntary commitment, but nonetheless I’ve spent a fair amount of time during the last year working on client-requested covers. Such as the two jackets for Transformers: The Last Knight for which I had to come up with a custom logo. Or a quartet of covers for the CNN documentary The Sixties and its three successor series.

Another custom cover I’ve made was for Antoine Taylor who has specialized in re-scoring entire films with his own original music. His score turns the 2016 horror thriller Don’t Breathe into a genuine John Carpenter-esque retro-fest straight outta the 80’s.

And finally, this entry is rounded off with some of the aftermath of my Stranger Things madness from last fall.

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  1. SonicAdventure

    Some should have been an official post. IT for example. Or Guardians Of The Galaxy. They are brilliant.

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