Lost Covers, Vol. 5

This years entry of our ongoing series “Lost Covers” contains a wide array of different works. Like its predecessors, most covers in here showcase all kinds of failures and *whatcangowrongs* in cover design. But there also are little gemstones like my contract work for Gwenaël Mario Grisi, a rising Belgian composer whose overnight(!) composition Through the Clouds definitely was one of the most beautiful tracks I’ve heard in 2017. Also, Gwenaël has his own IMdb page, so he’s officially my new best friend ;) The overall amount of commissioned covers is unusually high this time. Not royalty-based though, only voluntary…

“Annihilation” by Ben Salisbury, Geoff Barrow

What are the most obvious indications for a graphic designer who isn’t caring about his or her work? Blurry and fuzzy looking key art? One of the most blatant font choices out there? Or, as in the case of Annihilation, a little bit of both? Alex Garland’s latest work hasn’t had an easy start to put it mildly. After seeing the final cut, the executive producer demanded significant changes to be made, which Garland naturally refused. As a result the film got dumped to Netflix for international markets. And on top of that it received a shockingly lacklustre marketing campaign….