Stranger Things: Season Two

A conversation between an anonymous friend and myself:

“Dude it’s enough already with Stranger Things!”
“But I still have some ideas”
“Don’t get carried away with it. This ain’t Prometheus 2.0”
“Besides, it’s just too much fun. Though I’m slowly but surely through with the 70’s/80’s references”
“If you do some Lord of the Rings you can keep going :)”

Boom! What an eye-opener. I hadn’t thought about a Tolkien reference at all. Despite him being even mentioned in the pilot episode. So set myself the goal to make the cover above, no matter what it would take. And it took a lot, let me tell you that. A lot of pondering, failed attempts, heavy retouching, excessive use of effects layers and postprocessing. But I’m more than happy with the result.

Uses the font “Kereru Bold” by Daniel Reeve. Original artwork for reference.

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