Vinyl Sleeves

There are a lot of reasons why old records are awesome. Their supposedly “warmer” sound may be a reason for a lot of people. But I’m more enthusiastic about their elaborate and often times hand-made cover art. And it really was an art form back then that graced record sleeves all over the world. Once the digital music revolution set in, cover artworks – due to the smaller form factor of the CD – had changed considerably.

Only now, thanks to the current vinyl revival, the art of cover design is experiencing its second spring. With record labels like Mondo, iam8bit or Invada who are hiring talented artists all over the world, and they come up with the most amazing cover artworks I’ve ever seen.

One fine day I jumped the bandwagon with a special vinyl artwork for Drive and ever since then I’m addicted. Coming up with vintage custom designs for all kinds of soundtracks has become a major part of this thing I’m doing here. And thanks to a wonderful site called LP Cover Art my well of inspiration never ceases.

The differences of a typical vinyl artwork and a regular custom cover are distressed textures, smaller font sizes and the addition of extra infos like label numbers/logos or seals of audio quality. Thanks to the larger format they often times allow for those special designs that wouldn’t work at a smaller scale.

Below you can find some examples of my work so far. Please use the “Vinyl Covers” category on the main page to see all blog posts containing these vintage sleeves.


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