“There Will Be Blood” by Jonny Greenwood

I don’t remember how often I revamped my custom soundtrack cover (#1) for There Will Be Blood. It were countless times, because I always found a design element in it, which in some way wasn’t perfect. In my first attempt I completely ignored the fact, that it should be a soundtrack cover and just cropped the teaser poster to a square. Then I redesigned it a couple months later by retouching away the billing block and adding album credits instead. Finally, another few years later, I recognized, that I’ve left out the religious metaphor behind the teaser poster design and – once again – started from scratch. My final design now resembles the teaser poster best and also carries on the Jesus cross reference. Finally I’m happy with it.

My other custom cover (#2) is – once again – based on a poster design by Alamo Drafthouse respectively Mondo. Olly Moss, one of the greatest, living design artists out there, created an excellent duotone poster for the Rolling Roadshow Tour. Please have a look at his portfolio and gaze in sheer wonder. I took the liberty of changing a little bit to make it look more discreet and antiquated.


  1. Hello, what are the font you use for “There Will Be Blood” and “Jonny Greenwood”?


    1. I don’t have my workfiles for TWBB anymore, sorry. But this link might be helpful:
      The composer name looks like to be some kind of Garamond.


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