“The Happening” by James Newton Howard

This was more like a contract job. I appreciate the score by James Newton Howard for it’s eerie, menacing athmosphere, but the film he wrote it for – let’s be honest – is crap! Thus the soundtrack has a bitter smack. Nevertheless I stumbled upon a few film wallpapers that offered themselves for custom covers. So I added them to my ever growing to-do-list and tonight I was finally able to complete this task.

Each cover needed a bit of tweaking. I cropped out elements to make it fit into the square template (#5), toned down the image with colour-correction (#3) and added a shadow vignette (#2, #3, #5) to make it look more consistent. I had to recreate the album credits and tried my best to make them as original as possible. The different colour accents are based on certain key elements in the background. I hope you like these custom covers as much as I do, I think the original cover artwork (#1) was over photoshopped and a perspectival mess. In this case less is definitely more.

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