“Moneyball” by Mychael Danna, Various Artists

I recently took a few quick shots at Mychael Danna’s 2011 score to Moneyball. That score grew on me over the years and I really enjoy it nowadays; the same goes for the film as well. Even though the soundtracks’ only proper release was as a CD-R on demand version by Madison Gate Records, I still wanted to offer a few custom covers for it.

Once again my love for minimalism shows as both custom covers are basically texture artworks, instead of the official soundtrack sleeve (#3) which prominently features the lead actor.

My first attempt (#1) came together rather coincidentally. I was looking for source material when I stumbled upon the logo treatment you see in the final cover. It belongs to California based Hip Hop artist Ms. Be and her single “Money Ball” – a song dealing with the “Moneyball years” of the Oakland Athletics. I identified the font on her cover artwork to be Brannboll Fet. So, instead of using Ms. Be’s logo, I recreated and altered it to my liking, added an aging effects filter by Mr. Retro and placed it on a Baseball stock photo from Google.

My second custom cover (#2) is a cropped out square of an official wallpaper. I slightly repositioned Brad Pitt’s character and recreated the title and billing block with the original font “Gotham“.

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