“Escape From Tomorrow” by Abel Korzeniowski

“If you look, the whole world’s happy
Feel the beat, it’s us inside of you
Through your body, now your ear is clear
Have you found the hidden clue?

Imaginate what we can do, when tomorrow there’s another view?
On the other side, you will realize,
Wishes really do come true, come true.”

If you haven’t heard the infamous story about Randy Moore’s guerilla style shot genre mix Escape From Tomorrow, I suggest you first head over to Wikipedia and then afterwards give the film itself a try. Because only after you’ve seen it, you may be able to appreciate Abel Korzeniowski’s brilliant little score to its full effect.

Korzeniowski did this score for free and he did it with flying colours. What he packed in those 22 minutes is remarkable, ranging from lavish romantic nostalgia to eerie dissonant suspense. Icing the cake is his final pastiche “Imaginate”, a song so corny and genuine at the same time, that you’re never sure what you’re blundering into. And with that Korzeniowski nails the tone and intent of the film completely.

There wasn’t exactly demand for a custom cover here. The key image of the immobile main character with a Marvin-like Epcot sphere as his head summarizes Escape From Tomorrow perfectly. But I wanted this gem to be featured on my site so badly, that I forced myself to pull something out of my sleeve.

The Mickey Mouse poster was quite an eye-catcher to use (#2). I replaced the background with a black and white light burst wallpaper and arranged everything according to the official soundtrack (#1). The original poster was in bright yellow, but I wanted it to be monochromatic. It fits the tone of the film and also gives it a very vintage touch.

The other custom cover I came up with is based on the alternate movie poster and again has a very old school vibe. I centered it around the movie title and designed it in style of an old Vinyl cover sleeve. The scribbled composer name came together by accident as I was browsing through my font library in search for the original font type (“Zapf Humanist Demi“). It’s fortuities like these, that delight me every time and keep me going. I can conceive as many designs as I want in my mind – but some things must and can only happen by chance.

“Is there any magic moment, taking over you,
Cause you know that you’re the one,
Cause the fun has just begun,
And the fun has just begun for me and you!

Here we go now, it’s your party,
Come and let’s get off the Rocket Show,
Everyone is here, no time to fear,
And we will never let you go!

Imaginate what we can do, when tomorrow there’s another YOU?
On the other side, we will realize,
Wishes really do come true, come true.

Imaginate, imaginate, imaginate, imaginate, imaginate,
What we can do, wishes really do come true…”


  1. GlassButterflies

    Ah, that feeling when you want to make a custom cover series but have to admit that the original art is close to perfect already. I agree with you completely: the official cover with the immobile character, head seemingly sagging or deep in contemplation, with effects reminiscent of a traditional Disney fireworks show, and especially the sepia tones. I think when I first saw this image I assumed this would be some sort of Pyramid Head-esque figure; I think that would’ve been a bit more creepy than what the final product went for.

    I understand all-to-well the struggle for key artwork for a not-so well known product, and I think you did very well with what you had. While you’re editing skills are fantastic as usual, I have to say the artwork for #2 is a bit on-the-nose for my tastes, but I understand that you wanted to capture the horror element of the story a bit better than the first one (although I do think a horror score doesn’t have to have outwardly scary album art, the sense of unease and out-of-placeness the first cover portrays is fine in this regard). #3 is much better at that happy medium in my regard, with everything looking normal at first glance only to notice the large eyeball staring right at you the whole time, fits what the film was going for quite well I’d say!

    Still, the first cover is my favourite and I appreciate how you’ve cleaned it up a bit (the new font is a lot better). Enough rambling from me, fantastic work as always, keep on keeping on!


    1. Ohh! VIP visit at HQCovers from none other than GlassButterflies, creator of the infamous Alien Animated Series :) Great to see you around.


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