Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Alternate Mondo Vinyl)

When I stumbled upon this absolutely breathtaking Jurassic Park poster by Jacob Parr, I immediately envisioned a minimalistic Vinyl front sleeve with it. Much like my earlier custom cover for Mad Max: Fury Road, things had to be kept to an absolute minimum (just like Mondo did with their official covers). So I skipped all additional texts and instead only added an unobtrusive label sticker, as you can see in the blog post mockup.

IMO this illustration works pretty well for Fallen Kingdom despite the fact that it was made for Jurassic Park three years ago. I guess it isn’t too far-fetched to mistake the heavy clouds as volcanic ash. And just for once imagine how mind-blowingly awesome a six panel fold-out sleeve with that image would be, once you open it up to reveal a full-size T-Rex! Holy moly! Come one Jacob, let’s get going! ;-)

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