“Jurassic World: Dominion” by Michael Giacchino

So… what the hell happened? Why haven’t I published anything in almost 18 months? No sign of life, nothing? Well, I’ll tell you why…

Like most stories, it all started with a pointless software update (*pause for laughing track*). In December 2018, WordPress forced the new Gutenberg Block Editor onto their customer base. And as any grumpy old man would do, I refused to adopt to the new tool right away. It was unintuitive, it wouldn’t let me do my muscle-learned workflows, and worst of all, it broke all my previous blog posts. Damn it, I’m too old for this shit! As a result, my output has slowed down significantly. That’s reason No. 1.

Then there was this slight distraction called Red Dead Redemption 2 (YES, I will continue to find ways to mention it in future blog posts, thank you!). This sucker reeeally kept me busy for quite a while (it still does), as you can probably tell when you revisit my custom covers collection. It gave me lots of fond memories, a truly sprawling soundtrack, and even a rewarding commissioned job, just to name a few things. And it ruined gaming for me forever, because there’ll never be anything like it ever again. So… that’s No. 2.

Reason No. 3, of course, is a thing called Covid. When shit hit the fan early 2020, I could no longer think about designing covers, like… at all! Instead, things like social distancing, homeschooling and lockdowns took over my and everyone else’s day. And that wasn’t to change for the next two or so years. At some point, infection rates became vaccination rates, and the whole pandemic turned into a giant, absurd political issue. All of this crippling idiocy was just so overwhelming, and the current state of society is, frankly, still hard to bear.

Fast-forward right here, right now.

I finally feel ready to return to this little island of mine. And I have brought a new custom covers collection for Jurassic World: Dominion. Below you’ll find the usual bunch of design variations that you can freely choose from. I’ve added the original sources in the image descriptions and also throw two alternatives into the ring. And if the revival of this blog helps to block out the real world, even if only for a moment, well, then it was definitely worth it.


  1. Anonymous

    Welcome back!!


  2. Anonymous

    Thank goodness you are back! The officially released cover art is quite lacking.


  3. Anonymous

    Thank goodness that you’re here. I hope that you do ‘Coco’ and ‘Encanto’ next. 🙂


  4. Stefano Ripari

    Mi piacerebbe che fai covers di BERNARD HERRMANN, JOHN WILLIAMS


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