“Diablo III” by Russell Brower

Over the course of five years, Diablo III was developed into what was released to the public in May 2012. And also it’s marketing underwent significant changes through that time.

The official soundtrack (#1), that comes with the Collector’s Edition of the game, has a great artwork with many details to explore. Blizzard had always have great design, which don’t fall short of their games in any way. For sure one important aspect of their worldwide success.

My first custom (#2) is based on the Collector’s Edition package. I did this very same cover some time last year with Matt Uelmen’s name on it (it was still unclear who would compose the music then and I had no clue, he had left Blizzard already). And because I didn’t save any backup files back then I had to recreate it from scratch, but it turned out even better, than the first version. Notice the original Diablo font I used for the album credits. The picture is colour-corrected and I added a white border to the “Collector’s Edition” title, to make it look coherent.

I also created a custom cover based on the game’s Standard Edition box art (#3). I basically cropped the image to the right size and format and added the credits on top. Okay, I had to trick a bit to fit it all on one square image, but I made sure to keep the original aspect ratio (image-stretching is one of the eight deadly sins…).

The last one (#4) was heavily influenced by the soundtrack compilation “The Music of Diablo“, which was given away to fans at the 2011 BlizzCon. I recreated it using the most different sources of material, for example the frame was taken from the back cover of the Diablo III user manual. It took me a whole evening to make, but I guess it was worth it.

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