“127 Hours” by A.R. Rahman, Various Artists

An absolutely stunning design work for the soundtrack to 127 Hours by A.R. Rahman (#1). The hourglass metaphor is just one aspect I love in this artwork. The colours are gorgeous and the imagery of Aaron Ralston clinging to these stylized rocks to avoid falling to the bottom of the hourglass (and metaphorical to his death) is genius. It’s amazing how Danny Boyle always brings out the best ideas in the people he works with on his films.

I found it hard, to come up with something, that don’t fall completely flat against the original artwork. Hopefully I managed to do just that with a rather realistic and natural approach (#2, #3). I have to admit though, that I’m not sure, if these rock formations are even featured in final the film or not. But they were part of the official promo material, so I think it’s legitimate to use them.

And as a bonus for all of you, here’s the official digital booklet from iTunes. Enjoy!


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