“The Girls of Phnom Penh” by Nick Cave, Warren Ellis

The score to this TV documentary was released to the public on Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ sort-of-retrospective White Lunar. I knew I was gonna split the contents of that compilation into separete albums, so I went looking for source material. But how do you make a record cover for a film, that has absolutely no promotion material what so of? No DVD cover, no poster, not even a wallpaper or online banner. Nada!

I ended up taking screencaps of the official trailer on YouTube and started playing around with different ideas. Because of the low resolution video, I decided to blur out the background and chose a frame that – in my opinion – speaks for itself. The rest was an easy job… I took the official title from the website and added matching album credits and …et voilà, another custom artwork done!

#1: The Girls of Phnom Penh (Custom)
#1: The Girls of Phnom Penh (Custom)


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