“Outcast” by Lennie Moore

To mark the occasion of the recent release of Outcast – Remastered, I decided it’s finally time to take care of Lennie Moore’s 1999 masterpiece. His orchestral score was a pioneering one in many ways, paving the way to symphonic game scoring as we know it today.

Generally one can say that a combination of the fonts “Slider” and “Grover” were used for all the album credits. However I strayed off course with the last custom (#4), which is supposed to represent a military supply parts container, filled with neat little knick-knacks for our Navy Seals main character. I spent way too much time on that cover, changing font types and colour temperatures forever. I was even about to publish this posting when I decided to revamp it all over because of my pathological perfectionism. I took the “Ulukai” logo from the game, duplicated it and added several image effects in Adobe Photoshop and a wet paint effect in Corel Photo Paint. After superimposing the two layers I got that grafitti effect I was aiming for. The title font below is called “Know Your Product“, though a heavily altered version of it.

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  1. […] radar at all, although I consider myself a Jeremy Soule fan. A first, quick listen reminded me of Outcast by Lennie Moore and LAIR by John Debney; grand, classical orchestra (a real one this time!). Not […]


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