“Consortium” by Jeremy Soule

What a nice surprise on this one Monday… my script-writing and brickfilming friend ike introduced me to Jeremy Soule’s most recent release, the soundtrack to Consortium, a first person roleplaying game by Interdimensional Games Inc. I haven’t had this one on my radar at all, although I consider myself a Jeremy Soule fan. A first, quick listen reminded me of Outcast by Lennie Moore and Lair by John Debney; grand, classical orchestra (a real one this time!). Not such a bad sign, right? And as far as I’ve heard, the game is great as well. Think of old time classics like Deus Ex or System Shock, combined with a heavy dose of Firefly and Star Trek and you’re set. Who can resist with such references?

My covers were all based on personal taste, as I haven’t played the game at all and only listened to the score for a couple minutes yet. Source material was pretty limited as well, so I piled up what was possible and got going with it. This time the background images range from official T-Shirts (#1) and wallpapers (#2) to distantly related pictures from Google (#3) and semi-official box-arts (#4). But somehow it all came together pretty quick, as most of these designs were created during a one hour lunch break.

If you’re wondering how to get this score, it’s included in the Steam version of the game. I urge you to buy it and support IDG. I considered sending these custom covers to them, maybe they’d like to use them for future releases (or maybe they sue me – let’s hope not!). Howsoever, I hope you enjoy my works to this small, but shiny gem.


  1. I posted a link at the steam forum:


    Maybe somebody else wants a nice cover for the soundtrack


  2. Excellent! And i just bought it – as part of a bundle with 7 other games. I must confess, i bought the whole thing solely for this soundtrack, and the bundle was cheaper than the game alone. Should i feel bad now?

    Also, i’m pretty sure your cover #3 came with it from the Steam download…


    1. You’re kidding… no shit?
      I’ve been in brief contact with the developer about using one of my covers. but I never thought they’d really do it.
      These are great news! On to fame and fortune…!!


      1. Yep, i just checked again – definitely yours.


      2. Oh wow!


        I was just thinking…

        This makes me a person who has officially made the cover to an original Jeremy Soule soundtrack. My life is complete!


      3. That *is* pretty cool indeed! I believe congratulations are in order!

        Now you only to go and fix this: http://vgmdb.net/album/62871


      4. Well there’s a black sheep in every family ;)


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