“The Descendants” by Various Artists

I‘ve never been a big fan of Alexander Payne’s The Descendants and its musical score. I guess my expectations were just too high, since About Schmidt and especially Sideways are amongst my most favourite comedies. But as I was recently rewatching it, something changed. I got really involved in the characters and their story. And the background music grew on me instantly. As if a switch has been turned over in my head. It just clicked… finally! And how is my admiration better to express than by designing a custom cover for it.

Source material was rare in this case and I could only make one single custom cover this time. Yet a really wonderful one, if you ask me. I remember, while watching the end credits, I thought the artwork style would look beautifully as a soundtrack cover. And so I immediately pitched out a design sketch while the film was still rolling. Based on a suitable wallpaper from Google I created the custom cover you see above. And to make things a bit more varied, I put record of the creationing process in form of an animated GIF for you:

Making of The Descendants cover (Click to view)
Making of The Descendants cover (Click to view)

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