“Nebraska” by Mark Orton

Dear readers, I’m pleased to announce that HQCovers is now accessible through its own domain www.hqcovers.net. I’ve already owned this domain years ago and finally was able to purchase it again. Thus, all my ancient links in various message boards are with one blow active again, which is awesome :) I thought I seize the opportunity and go full social too with a newly formed facebook group. So if you’re part of the crowd, consider yourself invited to follow me over there.

To celebrate this occasion, I want to post a very special gem here for you. A score that immediately hit the right note in my book. Mark Orton’s wonderful soundtrack to Nebraska. Beside the lovely music the album also has an artwork which is far from any possible improvement. All of Alexander Payne’s movies so far had great ad campaigns, but Nebraska stands out of the crowd in its simple beauty and nostalgic overall feel. It’s already a classic in my eyes and my custom covers could only take second place… at best.

I took special care to distinctly differ my custom covers from the sparse original artwork. So I went with an alternate poster design from France and used that as a basis for my first custom (#2). The logo is the official one, but the album credits were recreated in slightly different, more playful font styles. It’s a more light-hearted, almost childish take on the soundtrack, that literally screams indie all over it.

The second custom cover (#3) features a still from the movie, yet all other design elements come from somewhere else entirely… Since the film exudes such a nostalgic, old-fashioned charm, I started to look for old vinyl covers, which could frame the background design suitably. I finally found something on Jeannot Boever’s great blog LP Cover Art (which has since turned into a rich source of inspiration for me). The cover also features one of my all-time favourite fonts: Franklin Gothic. Its plain, sans serif typeface goes great with the album artwork.



  1. I would loose some colors for cover #2. It goes well with the sideways cover of course but it doesn’t reflect the movie. At least not for me (bad PR work for this post? ;))
    Maybe try it on a very dark gray for the sky and white fonts?


  2. […] Vinyl record covers lately, as you could probably see in my previous cover series for The Abyss or Nebraska. So during my effort to recreate the original Vinyl artworks, I also wanted to come up with all […]


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