“The Master” by Jonny Greenwood, Various Artists

Dedicated to the memory of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman I would like to recognize one of his last, but probably best performances: his role as Lancester Dodd in Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, once again scored by Jonny Greenwood.

This was all done within one evening. The original artwork (#1) comes with an image of Joaquin Phoenix on its back side. I took that image and slapped on the album credits to receive similar artworks for both lead characters (#2). The next two customs are based on various teaser posters (#3, #4), not much to tell you about. Thanks to ScreenFonts I was able to use the original fonts, namely Gloucester, Garamond and Bickham Script.

The last cover (#5) is more like an experiment. I wanted to come close to the original teaser as possible, but as anyone can surely see, my Photoshop skills are clearly not up for that challenge yet. Nonetheless I wanted to include it in this series, because it took me a fair amount of time and the more I stare at it, the more I like it… Anyway, I hope you get the idea what I was trying to achieve.


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