“The Rover” by Anthony Partos, Sam Petty

It strikes me that recently I started to work more and more on covers for scores that I either haven’t listened to yet or from the start am not interested in listening to at all. The Rover falls in the first of these two categories. I’m already looking forward to the film and really hope that the musical soundtrack by Anthony Partos keeps what the stunning looking cinematography is promising. A Nick Cave and Warren Ellis vibe definitely comes to mind, and dear me that’s a very good sign!

The original artwork wasn’t that visually compelling, so I felt called upon to do something. Especially for such a small and underrated film like The Rover.

Both #1 and #2 were made out of promo pictures found on facebook. And after a long time I have again used the iPad for image editing. I added a papercut border with Pixlr-o-matic and wear and tear with Stackables.

I almost didn’t include #3, but the vibrant colour palette won me around. I would have liked that one to be a bit more exciting though. But my attempt somehow didn’t feel genuine enough. I thought about it for a few days and came to the conclusion, that I only changed something for the sake of change. And that’s the wrong way to do a custom cover. In the end I stripped everything and kept it the simple (or you could also say “classical”) way.

Below you find an additional gallery based on key art created by Australian creative artist Jeremy Saunders. His portfolio for The Rover features some stunning photography combined with amazingly tasteful composition skills. If I were the director of the movie, I would have gone crazy for promotional material like this. But unfortunately I’m no director and the economic world we’re living in usually doesn’t give a shit about artistry in general.

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