Lost Covers, Vol. 2

HQCovers recently surpassed 100000 views and I thought I’d take this opportunity to have a little resume and see where I’m from, where I’m at and where I’m going. The Past I started creating soundtrack covers in 2006 after I bought the iPod Video, the first one to handle cover artworks. High quality scans were a rarity back then, so I began making them myself in glorious 500×500 pixels! And because I’m a kind person I shared them via the now defunct Amazon customer image galleries. Some of them are still online, for example here’s a nice one that shows my early typewriting skills.  After some time I had a…

“The Rover” by Anthony Partos, Sam Petty

It strikes me that recently I started to work more and more on covers for scores that I either haven’t listened to yet or from the start am not interested in listening to at all. The Rover falls in the first of these two categories. I’m already looking forward to the film and really hope that the musical soundtrack by Anthony Partos keeps what the stunning looking cinematography is promising. A Nick Cave and Warren Ellis vibe definitely comes to mind, and dear me that’s a very good sign! The original artwork wasn’t that visually compelling, so I felt called upon to do something….