“Whiplash” by Justin Hurwitz, Tim Simonec, Various Artists

Whiplash is just as good a terrifying example of megalomania, as it is a love letter to music, musicians and drummers in particular. A parable of competitiveness and self-abandonment. How far would you go and what sacrifices are you willing to make on the way? Well… Whiplash goes all the way and over the edge and it stops at nothing. It’s the Black Swan and Fight Club of drumming.

Maybe it’s because I’m a drummer myself or maybe it’s the insane filmmaking I’ve witnessed, but Whiplash left a deep lasting impression on me. I wouldn’t be surprised if this movie drags a crowd of young people into the music (and filmmaking) schools of the world. Hell, I would more likely be surprised if it doesn’t.

Varèse’s soundtrack album was a surprise hit climbing music charts all around. No wonder since it features an excellent blend of contemporary and classic jazz tunes. For this reason, it is even more a shame that the official album art was such a let down. I mean, how uninspired can you get? I was more than happy to find some really cool alternate posters to work with. Especially the first one was a real blast (#1). All those small snare drum details brought back more and more memories of my teenage self studying drums at our local musical school. Memories of broken timpani membranes, glorious orchestra concerts and heart throbbing girls playing the violin. Jeez, where has the time gone? However now I’m sitting here, trying to find some words about the images above, while my thoughts keep straying far and away.

My other two customs (#2, #3), although they may not trigger the same nostalgic feelings, are nevertheless no less beautiful. I love the simplicity and vintage feeling of them both and – for a change – tried to keep it simple. Especially for the third one (#3) I had an entirely different intention. But then – surprise – I got lazy. And for that to blame is mainly the following gallery below (which I created before #2 and #3).

I initially planned to keep this cover series simple. A few custom shots. Quick and dirty. But then I suddenly realised, after all those Vinyl covers I’ve done so far, that Whiplash might be the most appropriate opportunity to go overboard. What better chance to create old Vinyl record covers than this soundtrack? I mean, it’s a Jazz record after all. So I came up with the idea to create Whiplash in style of old, world-famous Jazz records. And what you see below is the result of Jazz history investigation, excessive font type identification and endless hours of fun.

Once again I have to thank Jim Quackenbush and his LP Cover Art blog for providing me with the originals. And of course all of those talents whose artworks I’ve “borrowed” to incorporate into these customs. Thank you all!


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