“The Bad Batch” by Various Artists

This little collection has been in on-and-off-development for about a year. My original reason for it was the OMPS subtitle on the original cover (#1) – or more precisely – the chosen font type (“Block Pro Cond“). It was just a thorn in my side, especially next to a delicate logo treatment as the one for The Bad Batch. And so, just out of curiosity, I sat myself down to see what I would come up with.

It’s safe to say that this custom covers set has no reason to exist whatsoever. My initial problem with the bulky font choice probably was just a mood thing, likely on a brutally hot night sometime last summer. But how is it different then from this summer you ask? Well I’m afraid it isn’t, because it’s just as baking hot as last year!

The only notable difference is that I’ve by now found out that there were two official releases and I’ve grown to like them pretty well. Whether it’s the delicate selection of colours on Lakeshore Records’ CD release (#1), or the die-cut slipcase of Death Waltz Records’ vinyl edition (#2). They’re both pretty awesome and subvert my own ambitions even more.



In this particular case remedy comes in various forms.

On the one hand, my recovered desire to flex some vintage muscles. I tried to come up with a cover set as retroesque as possible. And on the other hand, a self-made custom logo for Lakeshore that I’ve made last summer, but never got round to use it for anything else. So it’s great to see it eventually getting its raison d’être.

Finally I also needed something to get my lazy ass back into business. And this half-finished covers series was small enough to make it feasible, without the risk of growing into the kind of monsters I’ve dealt with in the past.


Each one of these five custom covers has been deliberately designed to look older and grittier and generally way more vintage than the original artwork at the top.

I’ve used different pre-existing vinyl sleeves as my initial starting point and from then on wrecked my way through the designs by chopping things off, adding layers of dirt and wear or in turn stripping away colours and contrasts. Different methods of digital corrosion.


  1. Block-Busted

    Still no covers for ‘Mute’ or ‘Pacific Rim’ and its sequel? 😦


    1. Is there even a soundtrack out for Mute?


      1. Block-Busted

        Well, no, but I think you said about making one before.

        I mean, you made a soundtrack cover for ‘Mother!’ as well even though the film had no music.


      2. Yeah i still have some source files for MUTE in my work folder, so it’ll probably come. I’m only wondering why you ask for it? :)


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