“Everest” by Dario Marianelli

Yay people, I’m back! After what seemed like an eternity I finally started making custom covers again. And after this hundred year summer I thought I’d start with a little chill down in form of Dario Marianelli’s latest, Everest.

I sprinkled this rather minor update to the site only because of Vàrese Sarabande’s official artwork (#1), which features a really impressive rendering of the Mount Everest. I love it when soundtrack artworks omit any of the main actors and rely on atmosphere entirely, yet this piece makes it pretty clear who the real star of the film is going to be.

Compared to the original my two custom covers (#2, #3) are a little short of visual power. I have used the only two usable images available and played a bit around with different font styles. But it was merely finger excercise as I didn’t spend more than twenty minutes on this cover series. Let’s see it as a starting signal for a hopefully extensive and diverse fall saison.

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