“A Nightmare on Elm Street” by Charles Bernstein


Those little slices of death.
How I loathe them.

Edgar Allan Poe


In the fall of last year someone at the Final Fantasy Shrine forums requested a Nightmare on Elm Street 30th Anniversary cover artwork. And because I like those old 80’s horror films – and especially the creativity of this particular one – I took the opportunity to work a little bit within this genre.

Movie posters were sometimes pretty weird back then and Matthew Joseph Peak‘s hand-drawn design is no exception (#1, #2). It’s really great to see the current retro wave slowly splashing over into the 80’s, bringing us some exceptional works. The same can be said of the old classic horror movie logos, which A Nightmare on Elm Street is definitely a part of. I’ve made use of all available logo treatments for this film to offer enough variety.

Cover #5 features the main poster from the documentary film Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy, which again was created by Peak, especially for this film.

For the already mentioned 30th Anniversary Edition I came up with the two final designs, based on the official DVD box art (#6) and the fantastic Mondo Director’s Series poster (#7) created by Alex Pardee.

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