“You and the Night” by M83

Have you ever heard about You and the Night? An independently produced “sex comedy” from French filmmaker Yann Gonzalez, brother and ex-bandmate of M83 mastermind Anthony Gonzalez. Chances are good, that you haven’t. And no-one is to blame you, for this is really an obscure, little film. But – let me tell you that: its score is absolutely beautiful! Anthony Gonzalez paints a warm and retroesque, almost dreamlike soundscape.

But it’s not the music that initially drew me towards this record. It was the amazing cover artwork designed by Mondo-regular Kilian Eng (#1). More than once I have bought music solely because of arresting cover art, with hits and misses of course. But with You and the Night the hit-meter was increased by one. And what a big one it was.

This whole covers series came out of the notion of posting the original artwork on my site. This dreamy and in my eyes incredibly tranquillizing painting. Kilian’s use of colours and soft shadows is mesmerizing. He really captured that enchanting nighttime atmosphere with all the magical gifts it brings us. And he also managed to visualize the music through his artwork, because this score does absolutely sound like a magic night.

My custom covers could only suck compared to such artistry. But I didn’t intend to offer a sincere alternative artwork anyway. All I was looking for, was an excuse to upvalue my tiny little blog by posting the original artwork on it. And now I finally did. Hoo-ray!

However there’s one side benefit: I also got to post that neat illuminating “glow in the dark”-Vinyl design you can see below. This concept has been floating around in my head for far too long now and I thought You and the Night would be the perfect opportunity to finally realise it.

Wait for the evening hours. Find a comfy and quiet spot for yourself. Open up a bottle of something. Put on the beauty above and spin it. And after a while, when it’s dark enough, you will see that mesmerizing slow-moving light. And you’ll hear those hauntingly beautiful sounds. And then it’s only you and the night. And it feels just right.

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  1. Nesmrtelnost

    A great work overall indeed. On a side note, I would like to recommend to you another album (not a soundtrack) fittingly entitled “Night” by one of the most talented band around : Gazpacho. Please, give it a spin ; it sure is a gem. Not only their artworks are thoughtful but their music explores a distinct cinematic feel with each release. I highly recommend their work ! Of course, you may already listen to them, if so cheers to a gazpacho fan.

    And thank you for your quality work and enthusiasm.


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