“9” by Deborah Lurie, Danny Elfman

Let’s pretend for a moment that you’re recording a thoughtful and highly entertaining in-depth podcast about the Deborah Lurie/Danny Elfman score 9. How do you make sure people are actually stumbling upon your work? It’s not like Shane Acker’s film was anywhere near the hottest shit coming out in 2009. And popular search results on Google or YouTube may vary wildly depending on your personal browser history. So this may be a very ungrateful soundtrack to tackle.

Yet here I am, adding another 9-movie-related website no-one’s ever gonna find beneath the gazillions of dumb mind candy clickbait à la “9 Insane Movie Theories That Actually Make Sense” or “The Real Truth Behind 9/11.”

My initial plans to make something for this score date back to May 2012. Back then I wanted to make something with this beautiful set of character posters, but struggled to come up with a proper design template. One that would clearly identify each custom cover as the 9 soundtrack, yet without the need for the official logo to be slapped onto each front. Well, inspiration never came and thus I shelved the project entirely. Until now.

Continuing in the vein of my Game of Thrones Complete Collection I conceptualized a cash-cow re-release that will probably be of interest only to the absolute hardcore fans of the score (if there are such at all).

This oddly titled 9 – The 7″ Collection comes in the midst of the recent Vinyl revival and certainly takes the extraordinaire on to a new level. All original score cues (the end credits track by Coheed and Cambria was omitted, because… reasons!) paired in twos and put on nine multi-coloured 7-inch singles, with each one housed in its own individual cover sleeve.

Just imagine the joy of disc jockeying after each track, with some merely a minute long. Brilliant! A must-have for any avid Vinyl enthusiast.

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Artistically speaking, this custom covers series was quite a challenge.

Due to the fact that my mockups library is running low on box sets, I – for the first time – edited an official mockup of Eric Clapton’s Studio Album Collection. And to be honest, I really enjoyed doing it. I can totally see this becoming a thing in the future. It opens up a whole new range of possibilities and challenges.

I kept the white frame from the original image and applied it to my custom designs. Not only to avoid any confusion with the original soundtrack album art, but also to justify the white cardboard box this collection is apparently coming in.

The majority of this project was spent on the mockup below and also the individual sleeves (front and back) and their various shadow and lighting angles. Plus, I meticulously added the number “0” to the first single cover in a desperate attempt to keep the numbering reasonable.

9 (Box Set Mockup)

So, let’s pretend that this is a real product for once. The only thing missing now would be proper advertising, because – let’s be honest – a costly collection like this only makes sense if it finds a ready market. I’m gonna readdress the subject from my opening paragraph and shoehorn in some final buzz words, only to see whether the visitor flow is affected. Please excuse the following: #DannyElfman, #DeborahLurie, #9, #9movie, #CollectorsEdition, #Número9, #Nueve, #Девять, #ValentinesDay, #WinterOlympics, #AmericaFirst, #FakeNews, #Trump.


  1. Cunning way of getting hits! I haven’t seen the film so have not heard the score either, but its been on my to-watch list for awhile. Nice covers as always, and I like the boxset approach.


    1. You should watch it, as it has some really exciting and creative action sequences. Shame that it bombed totally at the box office.


  2. […] clean-cut plan to raise visitor stats from last week’s blog post seemed to work. All facts at hand are providing a strong suspicion that at least one of my two […]


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