“In America” by Gavin Friday, Maurice Seezer

Are you in for some good ol’ crying time? Well then let me point you over to one of the most heart-warming, beautiful and adorable little films I’ve ever seen in my life: Jim Sheridan’s semi-autobiographical fairy-tale from across the pond, In America.

This highly underrated 2002 gem tells the writer-director’s (partly dramatized, to some extent) life story through the eyes of his own daughters. And I must warn you right away: If you don’t have kids yet, you most definitely will want to have some after this film.

The two main actors, real life sisters Sarah and Emma Bolger, carry the whole film so damn effortlessly, it’s pure magic. Their lovely Irish accents, witty dialogues and charming performances are nothing short but stunning! I can only imagine how blessed Jim Sheridan must have felt after completing this film. For his two childish protagonists made In American not only his most personal film, but also his very best.

Beside these actor’s performances the musical score from former musical duo Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer does its job pretty damn fine as well. It’s a tender, emotional score that manages to walk the thin line between childish merriment and touching melancholy.

A film very dear to my heart, with a score that is equally touching. I’m very happy to finally add this one to my custom covers collection.

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