“Downsizing” by Rolfe Kent

We’ve seen quite a few films in which Matt Damon needed someone else to save his sorry ass. Alexander Payne’s scifi satire Downsizing isn’t one of those for a change. This time around Matt Damon takes fate into his own giant hands and – for the greater overpopulated good – decides to shrink himself and live a tiny live in a tiny community. Only to find out that even at miniature size, problems still can grow pretty big.

I haven’t heard Rolfe Kent’s score, but I’m full of hope that it’ll be on par with his earlier Alexander Payne collaboration, Sideways. An imaginative script like that must for sure spark some creativity and I can’t wait to listen to it.

Today I’m publishing three custom covers, mainly to promote this latest film of Alexander Payne. But also because I wanted to try out a little perspective play on the official one-sheet poster (#1). It’s always appealing when type or logo work is visually incorporated into the frame, as if it was part of the actual image. It’s a subtle typographic effect that gives the final artwork its own unique flavour.

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