“Star Wars – Target Exclusive Collection” by John Williams

In december 2015 US discount retailer Target sold an exclusive version of John Williams’ The Force Awakens score. And when I was asked to create custom covers in the same style for the rest of the saga, well, I couldn’t say no. But first I had to recreate the Target cover to get rid of that ugly sticker. And also, to prepare myself a universal template that I could use for previous and future episodes. This request came right in the middle of working on another series, but I figured a little change won’t hurt. It keeps your creative spark on fire….

“Star Wars – The Deluxe Editions” by John Williams, Michael Giacchino, John Powell

I have postponed the idea of working on Star Wars custom covers again and again and again… stowed it away deep down in the cryostasis chambers of my HQCovers space station. But not particularly because I didn’t want to work on John Williams’ opus magnum. No, because I was afraid of not being able to do it justice. I’ve put so much effort into this or that covers series, that I sometimes find it hard to raise the bar. But this is Star Wars, the mother and father of all film franchises and fan fiction universes ever, right? It has to be the very best, most fucking awesome custom…