Lost Covers, Vol. 1

I don’t know why, but a few days ago, late at night, I was thinking about all my “failed” attempts at creating well-crafted cover art. I was visiting the Final Fantasy Shrine Forums, browsing through all that awesome cover art posted there and I wondered how much time the people over there invest in this creative, time-consuming hobby. Are they as nitpicky as me? Everyone loves his own creations, otherwise we wouldn’t publish it, but for my part it sometimes degenerates a bit. I often spend hours on one single image. I’ve created one cover with thirty-three different font types,…

“Flight of the Navigator” by Alan Silvestri

A few weeks back I got a request to do some custom covers for Alan Silvestri’s 1986 soundtrack to Flight of the Navigator. I never heard the score on album, but the film was one of my childhood favourites, so I gave it a go. Unlike in this day and age, promotional material was rare back then. And high resolution material was almost non-existent. I usually try to avoid working below 1000px image resolution, so this series proved to be a real challenge. The only suitable image I found was a really beautiful painting created by Macedonian artist Marko Manev….