“The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind” by Jeremy Soule

These Morrowind covers have a kind of warmth to them, that I can’t get enough of. They represent the music on the score so damn well, as if they’re coming right out of the game’s world, Tamriel.

I’m really proud of the first one (#1), the credits font look just perfect to me. The colours and shadows blend in in so nicely with the background, as if they’ve always just been there. I love it! I’m not a hundret percent sure about the second one though (#2). I think the font type I chose here, looks a little too medieval for a fantasy game. But I might leave it like that, just for diversity.

The last one (#3) is a remake of the original Collector’s Edition soundtrack and was created by someone called “assett1”. I’ve found it on the online community tehPARADOX when I was looking for a decent scan of the original. The creator “added a ‘Plastic’ feel to it to make it somewhat more original…”. I’m not sure what he means by that, but the remastered score sounds absolutely fantastic! A highly recommended download for those of you, who own the game, or purchased the original score through DirectSong.

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