“The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion” by Jeremy Soule

I‘ve created these Oblivion covers at the same time, as my Morrowind covers. And in my opinion they look just as good. I’ve created two custom covers based on the different game editions, the Standard Edition (#1) and the Collector’s Edition (#2). No big deal, cropping the image to a square and adding the subtle credits at the bottom of the cover, so that it’s not distracting from the game’s logo. I wish I would have made it in a higher resolution. I’m currently revamping this whole series so please check back later.

The dark cover (#3) is based on the Game of the Year Edition. I remember that it took me literally forever to find a suitable font type for the albums credits. I guess I was so thrilled with the other The Elder Scrolls covers, that I wanted it to be just as perfect as the rest. The funny thing is, I can’t remember finding the right font. I thought I’d put down the cover aside for a while. Until I stumbled upon it weeks later – only to find out, that I already had applied album credits to it back then. And I even quite liked them.

The 5-track-sampler (#4) came together, as I was browsing the web for source material. I found that cool looking paper design, which inspired me to create an imaginary promo give-away for conventions, or maybe as a goodie for a game magazine.

For completion I’ll add the official artworks below. Maybe you see, why I was desperate to create custom covers for the soundtrack.


  1. Blimey, i had no idea that those were made by you! I’ve used them for ages, but i found them in a different corner on the web i’m sure…

    Also, what font did you use on #2, down at the bottom, if i may ask?


    1. Heya, sorry for letting you wait a little. I wanted to check my PSD file first, but there is no PSD anymore. Don’t know why, but I have to remake all of those covers anyway. So sorry, I don’t know which font it was that I have used back then.


      1. But I think I’m gonna use the original Elder Scrolls font on my revised version.


      2. Oh no problem. Have you started on your revised version yet?


      3. uhm not really. Some ground work. I’m waiting for that one great idea to make it something special.


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