“Zodiac” by David Shire, Various Artists

Zodiac by David Shire fits seamlessly into a number of great scores for David Fincher films. Both the score and the original songs from the era carry the flavor and mood of the film perfectly. We also were blessed with two official soundtracks including adequate, stylish artwork (#1, #2). But as always, I wanted to try a few things a little different.

During the release of the film I came across two promotional posters, that may or may not be official – I haven’t found sources yet -, but definitely look pretty awesome. The first one (#4) was cool to edit, because I just had to replace the letters in an according font type (in this case I’ve used the Simpsons font “Akbar”). I also used certain original letters from the poster to make it more consistent. The other promotional poster (#5) has a more sinister design. I wanted to keep the focus on the art and only edited the text on the bottom right corner. Originally it said “This is the Zodiac speaking”, so the transormation from “speaking” to “soundtrack” was obvious and the rest came by itself. Because of the low resolution source material, I literally had to hand-draw the letters pixel by pixel. If I’ll ever find a higher resolution version of it, I’ll happily redo these custom covers in the future.

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  1. […] on the official film poster (#2). It kinda looks like a neon-version of David Fincher’s Zodiac. I removed a light source behind the film logo and hence had to rearrange some power lines as well, […]


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