“Drive” by Cliff Martinez, Various Artists

Here are a few custom and original covers for one of my favourite movies in recent time. And probably also one of my favourite soundtracks. Drive and its music form a hypnotic attraction, one can hardly escape. This applies both to the score by Cliff Martinez, as well as the original songs, which were prominently featured in the movie.

The official cover (#1) and my alternate custom cover (#2), which is based on the final one-sheet poster, perfectly transport the vibe of the film. Nostalgic, tense, surreal. A neo-noir piece of art, that seemlessly jump through different genres.

I also remade the Limited 7inch Edition single of A Real Hero (#3) by College feat. Electric Youth, published by Valerie. I changed the credits font to match the regular album and I have deliberately omitted the movie title from the artwork, as the pink-coloured Mistral font type should be inonic enough to be recognized.

In addition to the official covers, Drive inspired a lot of designers around the web. Various artists and studios created all kinds of great artwork for the movie. I couldn’t help, but base a few custom covers on these. One by Midnight Marauder (#4), who has to be one of the best artists out there at the moment. His designs are amazing, both in concept and execution. Empire Design also posted some very cool alternative posters on the web, I picked my favourite one (#5). And finally for us soundtrack geeks, Mondo released a limited double-vinyl edition with artwork by Tyler Stout. Here is the official artwork (#6) that couldn’t be improved in any way. It’s flawless!

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