Lost Covers, Vol. 3

The unwanted brainchilds, the dispassionate requests, the okay’ish ones I guess and the late comers. Also the lone wolves that’d definitely deserve a single post but somehow didn’t end up in one. They all suffer the same fate: Being dumped into this consolation prize of a blog entry, without the chance of ever being the single featured image on the front page. For the third time now.

I should rename this series into The Good, the Bad and the Tragically Misjudged. But Lost Covers rolls off the tongue more elegantly. Though not everything’s lost on these to be honest. This time I’ve included two covers, that rightfully deserve a gallery of their own.

My second commissional work for composer Karim Elmahmoudi. After a truly great experience on our first collaboration Nightfall, I was pleased to see him come back to me a few months later for his latest orchestral work called EarthRise. It’s his tribute to the late James Horner and will premiere at May 21st. The artwork is based on the famous  photograph of the same name, taken by astronaut William Anders during the Apollo 8  mission in 1968.

With said photograph as the only given task, I started sketching out a logo, using various font types. When you work on a famous image like this one, I recommend to keep all other elements as simple as possible, so you don’t end up with too many eye-catchers on the final artwork. Fortunately, Karim shared my opinion and opted for my very first design. Wohoo! Talk about successful composer-designer-relationships!

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