“The Proposition” by Nick Cave, Warren Ellis

Howdy fellas! In case you’ve wondered why this blog was pretty much on hiatus during the winter months, then I can answer that very easily. Unfortunately Rockstar’s new epic Red Dead Redemption II was (and still is!) eating many nights at the moment, so – apart from some minor commissions – I haven’t really had any time for this cover design business.

All I do these days is travelling the vast, picturesque plains of Ambarino or West Elizabeth, not especially looking for but more than often causing a lot of troubles for me and my folks. The long, dragging hours I’m not logged in to the game, all my thoughts revolve around it. During the evening hours I’m going back into the wild almost daily, exploring rural towns, deciphering hand-written treasure maps, trying to read the tracks of wild animals and fighting for my daily existence in the barren, unrelenting wilderness of the American States.

You see, I really am in a massive, massive RDR2 craze right now. It really is that good!

To scratch this itch in terms of custom covers, I thought about finishing some of the western soundtracks that have been sitting on my to-do list for quite some time, the first of which being Nick Cave’s and Warren Ellis’ The Proposition. I’ve always loved this score for it’s haunting and unsettling atmosphere. It’s the musical equivalent of the landscapes I’m currently travelling in. And it’s been blessed with a ravishing beauty of an album artwork (#1), which certainly ain’t in need for any alternates. Still here I am.

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