“Sideways” by Rolfe Kent

I‘m currently working on a few really big updates, more precisely a huge Sci-Fi franchise, which is keeping me busy since… I’d say, October, at least. To take my mind off of it a bit, and to give a sign of life, I’ve recently decided to publish a few minor updates to the site. And Sideways by Rolfe Kent is one of them. I’ve originally designed these customs a few years ago, but always wanted to revamp them in higher resolution. And now I did it, so my 50th anniversary entry on this blog is dedicated to my favourite Alexander Payne movie: Sideways.

My two custom covers (#1, #2) are based on official posters and I used the original font types for all text elements, namely a variant of Helvetica and the original scribble from the official score album (#3). The only noteworthy challenge about this series was the green colour tone, which kept me busy for quite a while. Since all the cover images I had found, were different in hue, I had to come up with my own reference. After a few tests on various devices, I finally settled on two slightly different gradients and called it a day.


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  2. […] a whole subgenre of comedy films that address both humor and sadness. The likes In Bruges, Sideways or even Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, if you like. I think those are the most rewarding […]


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