“Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” by Marco Beltrami, Buck Sanders

A rather dark series for one of Marco Beltrami’s and Buck Sanders’ finest collaborations: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.

Troy Nixey’s creepy horror movie may not be the film it ought to be, but the musical treatment by Beltrami and his pal Sanders is everything and anything any horror movie director could ever want. A very romantic, waltz-like lullaby, a fantastic main title theme, creepy-beautiful suspense music and spine-chilling action-sequences full of dissonance and terror. It’s the prime example of a horror score and I love it!

There’s not much to say about my custom covers this time. They were all based on official promotion material and emerged pretty quickly. With every source image I immediately knew what I wanted to achieve and I got on track very easily. A little side trivia: The Comic-Con 2010 poster (#3) was actually drawn by the director himself. Troy Nixey does also work as an accomplished comic book artist, so maybe that explains, why the film earned a sort-of prequel in comic book form.

I also remade the original because I wanted the Sally character to be fully shown (#6), the original artwork (#5) seems rather unmotivated as if it was cropped without any trying. The slightly warmer colour palette was intentional.


  1. don’t be afraid of the human beeing on a cover…


    1. I count 4 (out of 6)


  2. […] sessions that I discovered two of Marco Beltrami’s recent, highly recommended(!) efforts Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and Soul Surfer. So I thought I’d seize that opportunity and come up with a few designs for […]


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