Lost Covers, Vol. 4

Man, has it really been this long already? Last week HQCovers has officially turned five. By now it has learned to write its own name and has become extremely picky when it comes to dress up in the morning. Also, its extended warranty has now expired, so your chance to file a complaint is officially over ;-)

I deliberately didn’t parade this anniversary, because this blog is essentially the digital extension of my own self and thus doesn’t like to stand in the spotlight.

Instead I once again let the art speak for itself. I’m actually publishing Vol. 4 of this ongoing thing, which somehow has evolved into an annual feature. And this time it has grown to new heights, primarily because I decided to also include older, already posted alternates. These re-released covers have been hidden beneath a wall of text in their respective blog posts. So I thought it’s only fair to put them front and center within their own image gallery for once.

As usual the gallery below is reshuffled every time you reload the page. This way I let the luck decide which cover gets the top spot. Because, as you know, custom covers – just like kids – sometimes tend to be little troublemakers that make life difficult for you. But – just like kids – I still love them.


  1. therol982

    nice. Congrats on five. Love the website!


  2. Block-Busted

    “No Arrival”. XD


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