Lost Covers, Vol. 6

Some things never change. A sort of mantra that was sitting on top of one of my first websites. And I guess it is just like that. But some things do change and here are six that have changed over time on HQCovers. Making a virtue of necessity Back in the early 2000s, I started making my own soundtrack covers due to the lack of high quality artwork available. This whole thing really was born out of necessity. Over time I’ve more and more started tackling soundtracks that I don’t even have. And by now I mainly do it for…

“Indiana Jones – The Sonic Adventure Collection” by John Williams

With this set I’m fulfilling the second out of five promises that I’ve teased on social media at new year’s eve. And it’s really great to finally be able to tick this off of my list. Indiana Jones has always been sort of like a holy grail for me and I’ve made a firm commitment to only start working on it, when I felt like having enough inspiration to turn it into something special (at least for me). It finally came in the form of my friend SonicAdventure, who offered me a collaboration for one of his established Deluxe Editions….