“Shadow of the Colossus: Roar of the Earth” by Kow Otani

The cover series for Shadow of the Colossus: Roar of the Earth has to be one of my all-time favourites. I literally couldn’t wait to upload this collection and show it to you. I’m splitting this entry into two parts, because I created two different kinds of covers.

At first three general artworks, which apply to the soundtrack as a whole. A remake (#1) of the original cover as it was released by King Record Co. in 2005. Followed by a custom design based on the official game box art (#2). I had to crop it a little and moved Wander on his horse Argo slightly upwards to make them fit onto the artwork entirely. A lot of retouching was necessary, but nothing spectacular. The final one (#3) is based on an official wallpaper for the game and kept floating around in my head for a while. I wanted to have at least one English labeled cover in this collection.

The first two custom covers (#1, #2) are based on the official Japanese logo of the game, which I luckily was able to find in ultra high resolution. With that logo as a starting point, I had a free hand to change the background quite to my liking. And while listening to the soundtrack – and reading the tracklist -, I realised, that with that logo as basis, I could do much more than the two designs above. Because almost every colossus has it’s own battle music, I decided to also create a special custom cover for every colossus. All of the following images are screencaps directly taken from the game. I found them on electricblueskies, an awesome website dedicated to video game tourism. It was really difficult to choose the right images from this wealth of source material. I’ve added track details to every image description.

I seriously doubt the majority of my (few) readers understands Japanese, but nevertheless I was able to re-create the CD booklet from various scans and I’ve uploaded it here for your pleasure.



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