“Yesterday” by Daniel Pemberton, Himesh Patel

I‘m always creating covers, always busy with lots of projects and endless entries on my mental to-do-lists. So I’m definitely not lacking duties, or ideas for that matter. What I’m definitely lacking tho is discipline in publishing. It’s not rare that this blog lies idle for months without any new posts, even though I’m all of a dither behind the curtains, working on multiple things at the same time.

More than once, I thought about giving up traditional blogging as you know it and just upload my custom covers on some online service instead (here or elsewhere). But somehow this just doesn’t feel right. It somehow would rob this whole project of its raison d’être.

So once again I find myself sitting here, in front of a frighteningly empty WordPress editor window, wondering what else there was to say that hasn’t been said already?

I could tell you how my wife dragged me into this movie, as we had one of those rare evenings when both kids are deposited with their grandparents. When you find yourself desperately trying to cram as many spare time activities as possible into one single evening.

On that very day it was a dinner for two, a long walk by the riverside and finally a trip to the cinema. And you take what you get there without making great demands. With the CG fest The Lion King as the only other option, it was pretty soon clear that we would watch Yesterday (even though I somehow didn’t feel like going into this film at that day, despite its creative premise and the director Danny Boyle, whom I really appreciate). And as so often, good things come when you least expect.

Yesterday is a surprisingly charming and at times even touching romantic comedy in the best sense of the 90’s (when the world still seemed to be okay). With great chemistry between the cast and a vibrant direction from Boyle. Its most precious feature however is Himesh Patel who performs many all-time favourites of the Beatles – perhaps the hardest band to make covers of – and he absolutely owns them. The whole film features a colourful blend of distinct yet recognizable Beatles tunes interspersed with a handful of quirky, Beatlesque score cues by composer Daniel Pemberton.

It’s a thoroughly wholesome experience and I can honestly recommend the film to you. Cos I think anyone could use a little more positivity in their life right now. Do yourself a favor!

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